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Hi !
My name is Alex, originally from a small town in Belgium you probably never heard of
That’s where I’ve spent most of my life

The first part of my time there was focused on getting a degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering, but after graduating, I actually wasn’t too keen on jumping right away into the overwhelming professional opportunities of such a career path – even though I felt like missing something

But I’m glad – really glad – I didn’t

I left for Chile, shipped my motorbike over, and started riding it up North
I eventually found out that rock climbing was kinda fun
So, I kept doing that
For 11 months
Until I got to Canada
I worked for a year in BC – rope access in the city and snowmobile photography in Whistler – and took the road again, on this indestructible red bike that carried me for so long in the first place

Two more years dirtbagging around the US, Asia, Canada, Patagonia, Europe
I started guiding climbing in Vietnam and kayaking in Greenland
I was working freelance during the rest of the time
Building websites, translating, trading pictures for cams and portaledges

Meanwhile, I shoot the things I see

And I mean,
I think I like that.


I’m now guiding in Iceland few months a year, and the rest of time,
I spend it trying to balance photography and exciting media projects,
Based here in Squamish, BC.