Submission for the Arcteryx Academy 2019



Just an evening shooting at sunset, by -25C.



Exploring around Canmore one afternoon after work, we couldn’t resist and had to film.



Trailer of our coming movie in China ! We went exploring some of these beautiful 600 feet high sandstone walls lost in the Chinese countryside.



I’ve always loved the video, but also always been lazy about the required editing work afterward. I also never had a decent camera. Before going to guide in Greenland during the summer 2016, I decided to take the next step and go for a full-frame camera with the most affordable of them, the Nikon D600. I found out the video coming out of it – even though quite limited – was very exciting. I found a way to explore another dimension thanks to the motion and the audio, and realised my first decent video out of it.



Relauch of the Common, co-working space based in Squamish, BC.



Metolius is a company designing and manufacturing rock climbing gear. Based in Bend, OR, they have been helping me for years with climbing gear during my travels. Lately, they asked me to produce a video on how to setup a portaledge (these hanging beds on multi-days climbs) during my last travel in South America. Being really happy with the result, they asked me to also make various language versions of the video as I speak fluently French, English and Spanish.



This was realised in few hours only. We decided with some friends to escape from the bad weather for few days and breathe fresh air in Berdorf, Luxembourg. I was just keen to take some pictures for fun, then when I found out I was only getting trash out of it. I grabbed some clips and got motivated in filming a bit more many random moments of the day. Back home, I realised there was quite a bit of content and edited it during the next day. There are many neglected details, but I was quite satisfied seen the time spent on it.



We wanted to go crack climbing not too far away and found out that little crack paradise only 2,5 hours from home ! I just got a new mic for the weekend so decided to do another video, but with the sound this time. Except I failed in the way I fixed it to the camera and we could hear so much noise from the wind and from me moving the focus ring on the lens that almost all my clips were not usable. Next time, that’s how we learn !



A quick video of Big Chief, a climbing area next to Truckee, CA. I did that video for the Boulder Bash bouldering and rock climbing competition, which was raising funds to rebolt the area.